My Priorities


My parents, who are seniors themselves, taught me the values of our community:

personal responsibility, hard work, and respect for our elders. These values reflect a community steeped in history, a history written by the seniors of today.

After years of working hard and playing by the rules, they want to retire at home, spend time with their grandchildren, and have access to quality healthcare. Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau is making life harder for our seniors. He is sticking his hands into their pockets to fund his ideological endeavors, and he wants to tax the healthcare benefits they earned with hard work.

A large proportion of our population is entering their senior years. We must develop policies, and implement tax savings to help seniors stay at home for as long as possible, increasing their quality of life, and reducing strain on the health system.


The seniors of today – our parents and grandparents fought for us their entire lives. Now it is our turn to fight for them and ensure they aren’t forgotten or left behind.