My Priorities

Protect Our Environment

I believe that we must take care of our earth for the sake of future generations.

Yes, the climate is changing but the causes and effects are global. If we eliminated all of Canada's fossil fuel use, the global impact would be nearly zero. Instead, we should view this as an opportunity. Canada has significant technology and expertise to sell to the world that can make a meaningful impact on the real generators of carbon. We also have the highest standards in environmental stewardship, worker safety, human rights, ethics, gender equality and religious freedoms. Let’s bring jobs and investments to Canada resulting in less emissions globally because we can make products more efficiently and cleaner.

A carbon tax does nothing for the environment – it’s simply a tax!

With all the eyes are focused on carbon, we are ignoring more obvious pollution in our country. Canadians continue to dump tremendous amounts of untreated, raw sewage into our rivers and oceans. We are filling our landfills with plastic. I will call out real polluters to clean up their act.






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