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Fix Trudeau’s Pipeline Failures

Conservatives have a plan to get pipelines built and undo the damage the Liberal government has caused.

Four pipeline projects were completed under the previous Conservative government without spending one cent of taxpayers’ money.

These include Enbridge’s Alberta Clipper, Trans Canada’s original Keystone pipeline, Kinder Morgan’s Anchor Loop, and Enbridge’s Line 9B Reversal. Together, they ship 1.2 million barrels of western Canadian oil every single day.

“The only thing that has changed between then – when pipelines were proposed, approved, and actually built – and now – when pipelines are suffocated to death by government overreach and incompetence – is Justin Trudeau becoming Prime Minister of Canada.”

What a Conservative government will do?

  • Repeal the Liberal Carbon Tax
  • Repeal Bill C-69, the Anti-Pipeline Bill
  • End the ban on shipping traffic on the North Coast of British Columbia

Canada’s social safety net depends on our ability to produce and sell natural resources to the world.






Image content sourced from:

- Canada's National Observer