My Priorities

Defend Our Freedoms

Freedom is arguably the most important feature of our country. Our constitution gives us freedom of expression, religion, thought and conscience.

However, our freedoms are being undermined by the Liberal government.

For example, the Liberals added an attestation box on applications for the Canadian Summer Jobs Program. This forced community organizations and churches to make a difficult choice: willingly violate their conscience or go without funding. These organizations were not involved in political activism but were providing much needed services, often to the most vulnerable people in our community. The government tried to force individuals to adhere to a mandated view.

I will fight hard to maintain our freedoms. At the same time, racism and discrimination has no place in our society. We must be tolerant and accepting of those who don’t hold our views, for that is the basis of freedom.

I would argue that diversity is not our greatest strength. Diversity is merely a by-product of our real strength - freedom.